Here you will find the safeguarding policies for each organisation with registered users on The Adopter Hub.


We take safeguarding very seriously and we may have to take immediate action if we see anything that suggests you or a child is at risk of harm to themselves or others.

Please access the safeguarding policy for your organisation below

The Adopter Hub
Safeguarding Policy
Achieving for Children
Safeguarding Children Policy
Achieving for Children (schools)
Model Safeguarding Policy for Schools
Ealing Council
Child Protection Guidance
Families for Children
Safeguarding Policy
Parents and Children Together
Safeguarding Policy
Adopt Thames Valley (ATV)
Child Protection Guidance


Please do not divulge any identifiable details about yourself or your family. Always use your anonymous username created when you registered and give family member’s nicknames (rather than using their real names online). Make sure you do not mention where you live, schools, local councils, names of other adopters or social workers, etc. Always be mindful of protecting your adoptive child’s privacy and of maintaining his/her/their confidentiality at all times.


This service is confidential and anything you say will be kept between yourself and PACT. However, we take safeguarding very seriously and may have to take immediate action if you or a child is at risk of harm to themselves or others. If you are not a PACT adopter we will follow the relevant safeguarding procedures for your agency.

All chats will be recorded and securely stored for quality and training purposes for 30 days after which they will be deleted unless there is a valid reason to keep them. You can email yourself a transcript of your chat and keep a copy yourself if you wish to.

Read our online privacy notice.

Compliments and complaints

Your feedback is really valuable and helps us to make sure the Hub works for you. If we are doing something well that you'd like to see more of, then let us know. Also, if you're unhappy about something on the Hub or the service you have received then please tell us, so that we can address your concerns and improve our service.

Read our Compliments, comments and complaints leaflet to find out more.

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Respect others’ opinions and experiences

This forum is for adopters to communicate support and knowledge from their experiences to each other. Please be respectful of other people’s experiences and opinions. We do not tolerate any form of verbal abuse, online bullying or deliberate attempts to initiate tension or arguments.

Do not post or link to material that is illegal or could offend others

Illegal, defamatory, threatening, offensive, abusive, obscene, racially, sexually or otherwise discriminatory, knowingly or potentially inaccurate, libelous, anything that could encourage or constitute a criminal offence, anything that gives rise to civil liability or causes harm, loss or suffering will be removed.

Promotion of organisations, events, and sponsorship

Please do not use the forum to promote external organisations, events or request sponsorship.

Spamming and hacking

You must not partake in any activity which involves spamming, hacking, altering or adding coding, exploiting code bugs or applying automatic scripts.

Please keep to the topic which is being discussed on one thread and start another if you have something else to add.


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