Safeguarding on The Adopter Hub


Access to The Adopter Hub is available to users from PACT and our partner agencies.

Any safeguarding concerns regarding PACT users will be flagged to our Safeguarding Officer. Concerns arising from any of our partner's service users, or comments they may make, will be subject to the PACT Safeguarding Policy. We also hold all of our partner’s safeguarding policies for reference and will notify our partner’s Designated Safeguarding Officer of our concerns on the same day and PACT will then confirm this in writing. 

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Safeguarding Policy


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Compliments and complaints

Your feedback is really valuable and helps us to make sure the Hub works for you. If we are doing something well that you'd like to see more of, then let us know. Also, if you're unhappy about something on the Hub or the service you have received then please tell us, so that we can address your concerns and improve our service.

Read our Compliments, comments and complaints leaflet to find out more.


Safeguarding on our Forum and Webchat services

If you are unhappy about any behaviour or content on the forum please report content here

For Forum Safeguarding information, see the Forum page

For Webchat Safeguarding information, see the Webchat page


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