Family fun days

Family fun days

PACT runs three family fun days for PACT adoptive families each year in Berkshire, London and Brighton. In previous years these events have been attended by more than 400 people. They offer fun activities for adopted children and food and refreshments for the whole family. PACT provides these events free of charge for adopters.

Families get to catch up with PACT social workers offering them the chance to discuss any concerns or share milestones that may have been achieved. The children get to meet new friends and the families often build life-long support networks with families who share similar experiences. They often share their stories, and challenges that arise from the unique situation of adoption and fostering, and offer solutions that help these children to settle and thrive in loving families and prevent the placements from breaking down.

PACT families often feedback how beneficial they find Family fun days, being able to have a day out with other adopters and adopted children. This case study shows how a PACT family benefitted by attending.

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