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Summer holiday special!
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Summer holiday special!

How do you manage summer holidays with your children? Here's a few useful resources we've found - and please share your tips and tricks on the forum.


Successful school holidays from AdoptionUK

Managing change - transitioning into school holidays from Family Futures

10 things to pack for holidays from Hannah Meadows

Surviving summer with adopted kids from Creating a Family

10 tips for surviving the summer holidays from Foster for Coventry


Managing the summer holidays

Adopter and mum-of-two Karen shares of her tips for managing issues faced by adoptive families in the summer holidays



Help with transitioning back to school in September

View our School Transitions webinar with Dr Georgina Hibbert


Useful resources...

Books for adoptive parents

External workshops and events

Pupil premium funding guide and how to access it

Useful websites

EHC Needs Assessments explained on the IPSEA website explains what an EHCP (Education Health Care Plan) is. It gives a clear idea of the process involved in applying for one, as well as how to appeal the outcome of one.

Child Law Advice website explores the law around provision of education for children with special educational needs.  It also gives a good overview of an ECHP. Pupil premium: funding and accountability for schools explains what Pupil Premium is and who is eligible for it.

Gov.Uk Pupil premium: Conditions of grantexplains how schools should spend pupil premium and how they are held to account and how much it actually is.

We Are Family is an adoption support community which runs a number of support groups across London.

School transitions

Parents often tell us that they don’t know what to look for when choosing a school. In consultation with experienced adoptive parents, we’ve identified some key questions to consider.

Key questions to ask when choosing a primary school (pdf)

Key questions to ask when choosing a secondary school (pdf)

Watch the School Transitions webinar with Dr Georgina Hibbert.


More schools research and resources

Bridging the Gap: Giving adopted children an equal chance at school - report by AdoptionUK

TES article: Three-quarters of adopted secondary pupils who have been in care don't feel their teachers fully understand or support their needs, according to new research carried out by AdoptionUK.

TES article: 7 things teachers should know about adopted pupils

Police involvement

Hopefully not many people will find themselves in a situation where their child is detained or arrested, but in the rare cases this does happen we have some resources submitted from an adopter who has been through this herself. She says this:

"From personal experience when our 11 year old was arrested it was devastating and we had no idea what we should be doing. I was with him throughout and went with him in the van. I was allowed my phone in the police station and could use it so I could have googled and accessed any information but you don't know where to start. The following links are ones that I personally found easy to understand whilst in a state of panic."

Civil Rights Movement rights if your child is arrested

NI Direct if your child is arrested (Northern Ireland)

Youth Justice Legal Centre appropriate adult guidance

Police powers to stop and search - your rights

Stop watch stop and search - a guide for parents and children

Appropriate Adults UK legal advice at the police station

The Law Society police station guidance duty solicitors

Code C

College of Policing guidance on arrest and detention of children and young persons

National Police Chief's Council Strategy for Police Custody


One of our adopters asked on one-to-one webchat, "Do any of yours sleepwalk? Do you know if what they say when sleepwalking is true or just part of a dream?" Another adopter said: "We see sleepwalking and our eldest shouts and sounds distressed whilst asleep. We do wonder if sleep brings out early childhood traumas and we are currently investigating help for her." Our peer support adopter volunteer replied: "All I know is you should never wake someone when they sleepwalk. Just gently guide them back to their bedroom."

Got any experience or advice for other adopters? Join the discussion in the forum.

To help with this particular issue we've gathered some links which might help. It's difficult to find anything specific to adopted children but there are a few good reads. 

Karen Willbridge, PACT's Adopter Champion Team Leader, gave this advice: "My eldest used to sleep walk for years when younger. I had a specialist sleep nurse working with us and she said to just let her – never wake her up and just talk/reassure her and gently guide back to bed."

Child sleepwalking information 

NHS advice
The Children's Sleep Charity guidance
Sleep help for kids from
Toddler-specific from The Baby Centre
Info and guidance from Insomniacs charity
Discussion on

Some (longer) reads specific to adopted children

Centre for Adoption Medicine guidance (US site) blog (US site)
Adoption & Fostering research paper

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