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To safeguard you and your family please carefully choose a username that is completely anonymous, e.g. penguin34. Please do not include your name or location in your username.

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The Adopter Hub will only use the data you give us in order to provide you with adoption support services. It will be kept securely and will be accessible only in order to provide you with your login details and resolve any further technical issues which may occur. You can delete your account and request for your details to be deleted at any time by emailing

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If you are with PACT, Barnardo's, Buckinghamshire, Families For Children or IAC Centre for Adoption, please enter ‘NONE’. If you do not know your code and you are not from one of the agencies listed directly above then please contact your agency to gain your code before filling in this form.
This must be completely anonymous and must not include name, nicknames or location. Good examples are penguin34 or happygardener1
By using The Adopter Hub I understand that data will be shared with my adoption agency for verification and usage purposes. The Hub will not share any usernames to ensure that all Hub users remain anonymous.
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